Hi, I’m Matt

Founder of Founder OS and Bitmaker.
Building products, brands, and communities.

Entrepreneur, coach,
and investor in LA.

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I help with

Product & Community Growth

Defining the problem, removing friction, and bringing clarity to your product roadmap.

Design UI/UX

Help with product flows, user journey mapping, and creating a dazzling product.

Content Strategy

Defining a content calendar, organizing a team, and defining content pillars and output.

Building Habits & Mindfulness

Building strong daily habits, improving your health, and finding the joy in creating.

What I'm up to

I empower entrepreneurs to achieve their mission and find a greater sense of peace and purpose.

I’ve built 4 companies in the last 10 years, successfully exited, and improved my health and mindset along the way.

I get joy from helping entrepreneurs solve tough problems and bring clarity to tricky situations.

I work with leaders on product strategy, community building, growth, hiring, sales, and fundraising.

My background

I’m the founder of Gray Enterprises - we build simple systems for success.

In 2012, I co-founded the first technology bootcamp in Canada called Bitmaker. We trained full-stack software engineers and got them jobs at companies like Shopify, Facebook, and IBM. Over the course of 3 years we trained over 3,000 software engineers.

Bitmaker was acquired by General Assembly.

In 2022 I created Founder OS. We help founders build predictable lead engines with organic content and make $1M+ online.